"I have been a client of Megan's since Sirona Healing Arts's inception and cannot say enough about her services. She is thoughtful, considerate, respectful and approaches her work with love and attentiveness. My reiki sessions with her have helped ease lower back and muscle tensions and have helped make a noticeable impact on my general well being. She creates a welcoming environment that feels very safe and peaceful. She is an incredible listener and works diligently to collaborate with you around your needs and health/wellness concerns. I have found that leaving a session with Megan fills me with warmth and a sense of peace that only her talent and healing hands can provide. She truly is a gifted master."
- Sandra, Holyoke MA

"Megan is a gem and her services cannot be beat.  She has a natural ability to connect with her clients on a spiritual level through her reiki treatments and mentoring services.  You are truly supported when working with her as she effectively guides you through difficult times and helps you celebrate the good ones.  Sirona Healing Arts is a godsend that has deeply enhanced my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for spiritual mentoring and guidance."
- Anna, New York City NY

"I saw Megan at a time where I was experiencing migraines and a lot of tension in my upper back, neck and head.  After my first treatment, I experienced such relief from the pressure and tension and felt amazingly relaxed.  I am looking forward to my next session!"
-Christine, Holyoke MA

"I've had the pleasure of being treated by Megan on a few different occasions for various reasons, including general relaxation and help in trying to conceive. I find reiki to be extremely relaxing and healing to both the body and the mind, and Megan's warm personality and knowledge of the art made me comfortable and open to such an experience. Whether you're looking for help with a specific problem or just a new means of relaxing, I'd absolutely recommend Sirona Healing Arts!"
- Lauren, Northampton MA