The many uses of reiki

posted May 19, 2015, 6:55 PM by Megan McGrath
Reiki can be used in a variety of ways- not just the typical healing session.  What is a typical healing session? The person receiving the reiki lies on a table fully clothed (or sits in a chair), while I (or any practitioner) place my hands along various spots on the receivers body. The receiver will come out feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and  sometimes will still feel the effects later on! I will also administer reiki on people immediately after any type of accident - a fall, a bump on the head- you name it.  This will help the wound to either not amount to anything, or be less painful than it normally would be. Often, I'll give people what I call a "shot" of reiki when they don't even know it, but I think they might need it! Tonight, we got the first thunderstorm of the season. It wasn't overly severe, but I have been working on getting over my fear of thunder and lightning, and I have a dog who is deathly afraid of it.  What did I do to cope with the storm? I "reikied up" (my term for prepping for giving reiki) and gave my dog a quick session. The amazing thing about reiki? When you are giving, you are also receiving! She and I weathered the storm together, in a state of calm, with positive reiki energy surrounding us! If you aren't sure if there is anything you could use reiki for, I promise you, it can be used for all types of things- and I am sure you can benefit from it!